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This is why Ranch Critters keeps their heads down and grinds out each day with a schedule starting at 3:30 am - until we drop...
It’s stories like this .... 🐴🙏💕
Thank you Justin for sharing your journey. You are not alone! Ranch Critters loves you! 💕🙏

Justin’s Love Story

Lilliana’s Choctaw Traveller (aka Lilly)
Lilly came into my life about 5 yrs ago as a yearling. For a few years she was just a horse to me, I loved the mustang breed but her and I never seemed to bond or see eye to eye, but I never gave up on her! She was a bit ornery, and as a yearling dominated my herd.
I wasn’t really a paint horse fan, but this girl had a head on her shoulders. She was incredibly smart, but still wasn’t my favorite! Once we got her under saddle she let her true colors show! As a green horse she dominated the trails and surpassed many of the seasoned horses I had!
*Hard Times*
Three years ago my life took a turn for the worst. Huge financial troubles and a failing marriage that would ultimately end in divorce led to a terrible battle with depression.
One night sitting on the fence staring at the stars, my depression hit its peak. I felt so alone and the thoughts of giving it all up where heavy on my mind. Out of no where Lilly walked up and buried her head in my chest, she must have stood there an hour while I petted her and the pain seemed to ease.
Over the next few weeks I noticed when I was having a rough day she would act different, she would demand my attention. I’d pull her out of the pasture brush her down, clean her feet and pet on her. On nights my anxiety kept me from sleeping, I’d saddle her up and we would just ride, no matter how late or how dark it was. Unfortunately for her those nights were many. She’d stand quiet while I tacked her and away we would go!!
A rescue horse off all things was my saving grace. A horse that was discarded as worthless to someone may have saved my life. So In the end who really rescued who!
Thank you Ranch Critters for doing what you do! The amount of time and financial burdens y’all bare to rescue these animals doesn’t go unnoticed!