Why Versatility Training?

  • Create trust and confidence with your horse
  • Help your horse recognize you as the herd leader
  • Identify your communications language
  • Develop your feel and timing through Liberty training
  • Increase safety on trails- minimize the flight instinct
  • Have fun with obstacles
  • Develop suppleness and bend in your horse

You Choose What You Want For You and Your Horse At Each Pop-In Clinic​

Training Options Available 
Pop-In Clinics ~ Group Specialty Lessons~Private Lessons

In a Pop-In Clinic you will be introduced to the many aspects of versatility training. 

You will get the opportunity to focus your interests in the setting that works best for you and your horse.

Obstacles~Liberty~Trail Riding~Trick Training~Groundwork

Ranch Critters Training Program    www.ranchcritters.org   281.414.4102     crenken10@gmail.com

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"Thank you so much Charlie for working with me and Abbott we both felt much better and more relaxed after both ground work and under saddle"
"Last Saturday, I audited the Charlie Renken training clinic.   Charlie is a unique horse trainer who teaches owners how to communicate with their horse, opening human minds to great possibilities. Even auditing, I could see big differences, the horses became willing partners with their humans at this exclusive 4-student clinic, l learned a lot, and I didn't even have a horse in the arena."
"This clinic is unique. You determine what you want to work on with your horse instead of waiting your turn to do something you might already have mastered or have no interest in doing.  You will receive personalized and focused training on your specific goal. It's an innovative approach for the novice to the advanced rider.  And it's  great fun !!"
  Equine Rescue / Sanctuary / Endangered Spanish Mustangs
   Sponsoring/Adopting Unwanted Equine Animals

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Groundwork makes the team work !!!
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               Donation and Reservation 
                    New clinic dates will be posted when scheduled !!